We live in¸ and understand, Hawaii’s culture and take active roles in the communities we serve.

Hawaii ACEP

  • William Scruggs, MD – President elect
  • Malia Haleakala – Councilor

Aloha medical Mission: Craig Thomas, MD – Senior Vice President

http://www.alohamedicalmission.org   Polynesian Voyaging Society:

  • Physician volunteer – Craig Thomas, MD
  • Hokulea crew Honolulu to Palmyra – 2009
  • Crew member on upcoming World Wide Voyage 2013

Hawaii Medical Association members

  • JoAnn Sarubbi, MD
  • Kathleen Katt, MD

Honolulu Fire Department

Craig Thomas, MD – Medical Director

Honolulu Police Department

Craig Thomas, MD – Defibrillation Director

Honolulu Fire Department and Honolulu Police Department

G. Richard Bruno, MD – Medical Advisory Committee Member

Emergency Medical Services, Morbidity and Mortality Committee

Nathaniel Arnone, MD

HMSA Quality Improvement Committee

Craig Thomas, MD

West Oahu Liaison Committee

Thomas Forney, MD

We contribute and support:

  • Wahine Kiakahi Canoe Racing (CMC)
  • Performance Horse Series (CMC)
  • Giving Tree (CMC) since 2011
  • Koolauloa Relay for Life (KMC) since 2012