HEPA’s leadership is provided by Dr. Craig Thomas, Dr. Richard Bruno and Dr. Jerry Gray. This exceptional leadership team has demonstrated they understand how to provide the highest quality patient care, and can both manage their team of physicians and deliver customer service at the same high level.

HEPA’s ownership model attracts committed and experienced physicians who are all equal voting members fostering a climate of responsibility. Our physicians work with the Hospital administration and nursing staff to create an environment of excellence, departmental efficiency, and high-quality emergency care that leads to improved customer satisfaction.


With a firm commitment to excellent patient care, HEPA conducts a freestanding emergency physician Patient Satisfaction Program that tracks and reports patient satisfaction performance for each provider. In order to obtain statistically significant samples, a minimum of 20 surveys will be completed for every full-time provider, each month. HEPA reports aggregate patient satisfaction scores and trends during regular monthly meetings with the Hospital. This Program is validated against Press-Ganey, Picker and Jackson Survey methodologies. Groups using this program experience an average patient satisfaction score increase of twenty (20) percentage points over the course of its first year in use.


Via a the web-based Practitioner Dashboard, HEPA continuously provides all constituent satisfaction survey results and concerns to t he individual emergency physician. Individual performance metrics to be displayed can be selected from an extensive data repository and then made available to the provider in one secure location for their review. Monitored metrics can include measurements such as patient and RVUs per hour, length of stay, readmission rate, chart review scores, patient satisfaction scores, and patient complaint information.

(Internal/External, Compliance Programs, and Audits)

HEPA contracts its professional coding/billing through a third-party professional EM billing service who processes millions of claims annually ensuring adoption of latest coding and billing developments. Our vendors have their own Compliance Programs, and conduct periodic outside audits of the EM group’s billing and coding performance. HEPA implements its own Compliance Program that includes, among other things, formal EMTALA, HIPAA, and RBRVS physician compliance training. HEPA tracks chart flow between the hospital and the professional billing vendor using the Chart Reconciliation System (CRS). Finally, HEPA has its billing vendor’s performance analyzed on a monthly basis and periodically arranges for additional third-party coding audits.

HEPA also staffs a local billing office on Oahu to assist our patients, hospitals and physicians. Our friendly and knowledgeable representatives understand Hawaii’s needs and works as a team with our third-party vendors to provide quality services to our customers. This hybrid approach provides accurate professional coding and efficient billing while maintaining the personal touch with local representatives focused on assisting patients.