Wahiawa Scholarship Recipients

The Wahiawa Hospital Association was founded in 1944  in response to the healthcare needs of the community following the attack on Pearl Harbor. Several years later, Wahiawa General Hospital (WGH), a nonprofit, community hospital was established to further meet the growing needs of Central Oahu. WGH is centrally located on the island of Oahu, serving the surrounding communities of Central Oahu and the North Shore.


Currently, the Education Foundation grants $1,000 for the first year to full-time college students who are seriously interested in bettering their lives and the lives of others in their community. If interested, please contact the hospital located in your geographical area.




Miana Labrador & UH at Manoa
Amanda Bejerana & UH at Manoa


Maria Yepes
Wahiawa General Hospital
808-621-4211 (ph)
808-621-4451 (fx)